Landlocked Dinner: Seafood Recipes for Those Far From Water

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Readjusting to a landlocked existence can be tough for those who are used to picking up the catch of the day at the local fish market. And with so many foodies and regular people alike interested in the health benefits of seafood, there’s more to a midwesterner’s complaint about lack of fresh fish than simply the aesthetic value of being able to have something made with fish, rather than chicken or beef. Fortunately, there are other means to enjoying a seafood dinner than overpaying for frozen fish that is mediocre; the world of canning means that those doing the hard work in the oceans can immediately bring the catch home and preserve its freshness in a can. For those who haven’t whipped up canned food seafood meals before, here are a couple of tinned salmon recipes that will really delight. Remember, when reading tinned salmon recipes, most of the time the meat from the cans should be drained beforehand, to avoid a meal that’s overly moist.

For those who are trying to get away from the world of beef, it’s great to try a dinner of salmon burgers instead of the ground chuck that’s usually front and center for hamburger evenings. The salmon meat can be combined with eggs and breadcrumbs, and then shaped into patties just in the same way that red meat would. It’s best to season lightly, and throwing the patties into a pan with some nice oil and cooking them until they get golden takes mere moments, meaning that this is a great option for those who are on a tight budget, time-wise. For a topping, it’s a nice idea to actually whip something up involving lemon, as the taste of lemon goes perfectly with the light flavor of the salmon.

It’s not just burgers that can be transformed with the world of tinned salmon recipes. Pasta dishes can also be spruced up considerably. Instead of going with the same old sauce, try mixing up some chunked salmon with salt and pepper, squeezing a lemon, and throwing it atop a bed of any type of pasta that’s been lightly drizzled in extra-virgin olive oil. This is a healthy, light meal that will be filling and pleasing to the entire family. And again, it’s the kind of recipe that doesn’t require hours of prep time or too much of one’s food budget.